Designing a Wall: Company believes big is beautiful when it comes to US border defense

Though President Donald Trump may be facing a number of political slow-downs in the construction of the southern border wall, U.S. based company Conorizon is full steam ahead on the project. They are one of several companies joining the bid on what they call “technical solutions to a logistical problem. 

US President Donald Trump first promised to build a wall at the Mexican border to end illegal immigration when he launched his presidential campaign in June 2015.  President Trump has repeatedly said he wants to build a “big beautiful wall” with a “big beautiful door” but as his first four years as president come to an end, Trump faces opposition from the Democratic party.

The passing of the spending bill by the House of Representatives and the additional $1.6 billion from Republicans towards border wall funding offers hope for companies like Conorizon, a private international construction, logistics, and defense company.  Tucson-based Conorizon is entering new bids to design and build the wall using proprietary new technology, according Conorizon VP of Operations Samuel Torres.  Conorizon will begin meetings with stakeholders to offer expert evaluation and customized solutions starting in March of 2020.  In addition to supporting government efforts to build the wall, Torres indicated that Conorizon is also willing to aid private efforts to build new border walls.

Earlier this month, after construction on the US Border wall was temporarily halted, Southern District of Texas federal Judge Randy Crane ruled the private border wall effort could move forward. Conorizon VP Torres said that interested stakeholders were “highly involved” in getting their upcoming project pushed through. “We trust the Trump administration to get this done, we just believe Conorizon can help them get it done faster.” 

Author: Lauren Raab